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Reyna is a Duelist type Agent in Valorant.


Forged in the heart of Mexico, Reyna dominates single combat, popping off with each kill she scores. Her capability is only limited by her raw skill, making her highly dependent on performance.[1]


They have no idea how heartless I am.
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Agent Type


Icon Ability Type Cost Description
Leer Basic 200 Credits Equip an ethereal eye. Activate to cast the eye a short distance forward at a fixed range, passing through obstructions in the way. The eye will Nearsight all enemies who can see it. The eye will disappear either after two seconds or receiving any bullet damage.
Devour Basic 100 Credits Instantly consume a nearby Soul Orb, disabling Reyna's ability to fire for 1 second and creating a tether between Reyna and the Soul Orb whilst rapidly healing for 100 health over 3 seconds. The tether will break if it is caught between any obstacle for more than a second, ending the healing prematurely. This ability can Overheal though health exceeding 100 but cannot exceed 150 health (including shields). The Overheal will decay after 25 seconds over 1 second, but can be refreshed whenever devour is recast. Excess health will be consumed before excess shield.

If Empress is active, this skill will automatically cast, not consume the Soul Orb, and not create a tether.

Dismiss Signature 100 Credits Instantly consume a nearby Soul Orb, becoming intangible for 2 seconds and gaining a burst of movement speed for the first second of the duration. Reyna can change what weapon she will equip whilst Dismiss is active, always equipping the last weapon selected during Dismiss.

If Empress is active, Reyna also become invisible.

Empress Ultimate 6 Points Enter a frenzy for 30 seconds, increasing firing, equip and reload speeds by 20%. Grants infinite charges of Soul Harvest abilities. Scoring a kill fully refreshes the duration.